George Duncan

Marketing copywriter/consultant, author

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Streetwise Direct Marketing

George Duncan’s book, Streetwise Direct Marketing was published in January 2001 by Adams Media.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, solos and startups in every field will save money, maximize profits and avoid costly mistakes with the practical strategies and hands-on techniques spelled out in Streetwise Direct Marketing. From the basics of direct mail copy and design to proven Web marketing techniques, Streetwise Direct Marketing is a detailed, how-to guide to today’s most successful interactive marketing models. — Adams Media, Inc.

For years I’ve watched marketing’s so-called gurus promise quick riches from the kitchen table or untold sales by applying their “secrets”. I wrote “Streetwise” to cut through the baloney and explain the interactive dynamics of direct marketing in a way that small business marketers can understand and apply in a way that will help them effectively promote their businesses and avoid costly mistakes. — George Duncan

Democracy Held Hostage

In a series of 120 Letters to the Editor published between 2004 and 2008, Democracy Held Hostage describes how neocon arrogance, President George W. Bush’s incompetence and Dick Cheney’s criminality subverted the Constitution, destroyed Iraq and weakened America.

“When my country…was set on fire about my ears, it was time to stir. It was time for every man to stir.”  — Thomas Paine

My first letters came in the runup to the 2004 elections. I had been watching the conservative leadership in Congress systematically slash many of the services and benefits that had been built up during the Clinton administration. Veteran’s benefits, Head Start, the privatization of Medicare, plus Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security, the devastating Bush tax cut designed to bleed the government of any ability to help people and more. Frankly, I was frightened by this assault on my government which, despite Reagan and Bush Sr., is still basically a liberal democratic institution. I also was disbelieving of the need to invade Iraq. The various warnings that came along with the intelligence was apparent to me – and many others – even then.  — George Duncan


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