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Sex still sells

From Watch Your Ads – A media memo by George Duncan

Sex still sells

Maybe it’s just me, but I keep seeing sex references in several of the ads currently running.

Hold onto that spray can, lady!

The product designers at Dove succumbed to the obvious – if a bit ambitious – it seems to me, when they created the spray can for their antiperspirent. At 8” long and about 2” in circumference, you can guess what that hard white cylinder reminds one of. Less you miss the analogy, they even provided a little slit at the top. One lady in the ad is hanging onto it like she just discovered Piltdown man.

Get a room!

Volkswagen reaches back to the good old days of getting lucky in the back seat with an ad for the V Atlas. It features a family increasing one kid at a time, each supposedly conceived in a Volkswagen, beginning with the bug and progressing to the current Atlas. Each model is shown with windows appropriately fogged up, rocking gently in the woods, the family growing with each model.

In case you miss the point, it’s all backgrounded by Deano Martin singing – ready? – “The Birds and Bees”! Meanwhile, at the end, the whole family seems to be living in their car. Sad.

Mr. Dirty?

Then there’s the new series of kitchen cleanser ads that once featured a friendly Mr. Clean helping out in the kitchen, replaced with an updated fantasy Mr. Clean your clock, who’s slick as a siding salesman. Keep the cell phone handy, ladies.

GEICO strikes again. Sort of…

Less sexy than above, the ad begins in a restaurant with a character dressed in his Sunday best Roman togs, reciting Shakespeare. Camera pulls back to show he’s standing on a customer’s table. She tells the waiter she had asked for soup and he shoos the interloper away with “Caesar on a Caesar salad?” Then GEICO comes on to make the usual non-sequitur connection with the money you’ll save with GEICO Insurance. So, B+ for funny, F for relevance.

Did I see the ad for Squatty Potty? Yes, I did. Will I describe it? No I won’t.

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Is my Face metallic red!

From Watch Your Ads – A media memo by George Duncan

Is my Face metallic red!

That ad I mentioned last month with the Great Buddy Dog was selling Subaru Impreza. I regret I missed it, especially since I drive a Subaru. But then, I still don’t get what the car contributes to the guy and his dog. Could have been a 64 Chevy for that matter.

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Telling it like it is in digital communications

In Washington D.C. they say a gaffe is when someone accidentally tells the truth. By that measure, the latest AT&T/FIOS ad commits a gaffe as it shows an adult daughter arriving at her mother’s house, filled with excitement at spending some face time with mom. Never mind. As she comes through the door, mom meets her with her phone? panel? whatever in hand. Before her daughter takes off her coat, mom asks her to turn off her phone muttering how her internet slows down when anyone else is online, then she returns to her device on the sofa, leaving her daughter standing in the hall. “I thought we were going to do something,” she says. “I am doing something,” says the mom. So much for that visit and what it says about how digital technology is destroying human communication as it drives us further apart than ever. A great and scary treatment of the subject is MIT professor Sherry Turkle’s new book, Reclaiming Conversation: The power of talk in the digital age. Said Aziz Ansari of the book,

“In a time in which the ways we communicate and connect are constantly changing, and not always for the better, Sherry Turkle provides a much needed voice of caution and reason to help explain what the f*** is going on.”

Another ad on the CNBC network titled, “Ask Marcum” identifies consulting firm Marcum as “accountants, advisors” Couldn’t help imagining the kind of advice they’ll be giving if they’re putting accounting first.

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GE’s idea blob

GE ads are frequently superior to most of what we see on TV, so beyond that, I don’t address them. The latest, however, is a real thoughtful job combining an intellectual concept with arresting graphics that reach beyond their usual product/service themes. It’s focused on the power of ideas and takes corporate thinking to task for its penchant for sticking with the same old, same old. The “blob” they created is a hairy, feathery image who woefully wanders through town being rejected at every turn, sleeping in a cardboard box and generally defining the word homeless. He passes an office building with GE on the door and someone invites him in. Gradually his feathers begin to perk up and we see him onstage approaching a mike, his tail feathers standing tall in full color. Nice.

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Jordan Spieth can’t give you the time of day

Rolex says, in a magazine ad, that they are honored to be part of pro golfer Jordan Spieth’s record-breaking season, so they feature him with a ¾ page photo in an ad for their Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II in 18K white gold. See, that’s it there below the photo. In the photo, Mr Spieth’s sponsor, Under Armour’s logo, is clearly repeated on cap, shirt and belt buckle. But wait. Mr. Spieth’s wrists are shown both starkly bare. NO WATCH, LET ALONE A ROLEX! Geez fellows, give the guy a watch. You can take it back after the photo.

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Reality TV comes to Mad Ave.

A current Acura ad shows a crash test technician carry carefully crafted lifelike dummies to the crash test car and place them almost lovingly in their seats. Mom, dad and junior all get their proper locations, and are firmly belted in. Then the tech guy steps backs, presses a button and sends the car hurtling down the runway to near oblivion. It’s followed by a statement about Acura’s safety record. A bit creepy, perhaps, but very effective in bringing the reality of an automobile crash to viewers’ attention.

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Wise guys in the ad dept.

Whoever thought up the slogan “Kick acid with Rolaids” needs a kick in the acid.


Cool guys in the ad dept.

Whoever thought up the Fitbit ad, directly tying Fitbit to a series of popular physical activities and connecting the type of activity to the word “bit” should get a raise. Terms like girlfit, lovefit, pushfit, streetfit and more compliment various activities shown in quick cuts that tend to draw the viewer in and make the Fitbit both creditable and attractive. Good stuff.

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The Maytag man is baaack          

It’s been some years since Maytag ads featured the sad eyed service guy standing around dying of boredom because Maytags never need service, but he has returned, updated for the 21st century. Now he’s a robotic techie type being manufactured in a Maytag plant and duplicated by the dozens, then hundreds, then thousands and shipped all over the place in a somewhat hilarious series of shots.

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Because that’s what you don’t

GEICO has been running a series of ads around the theme, “because that’s what you do” segueing from a more or less logical situation to buying GEICO insurance, because that’s what you do (i.e., save 15%). I know, you have to see it. Anyway, the latest ad features a snotty little Peter Pan with a sense of humor from a 60’s school yard. Yuck.

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SiriusXM: home of the bottom feeders

My experience with SiriusXM may be unique to the channels I listen to, but I’m finding the ads on those channels oppressive. Not only are they constant and repetitive, but the nature of the marketers represented is Sad. These are the bottom feeders in advertising: the loan companies, tax relief services and others selling to individuals and small businesses who are near the end of one rope or another. Each is accompanied by an 800 number which they repeat three times so one has an unending series of numbers hopping and skipping through one’s brain until one can’t take it anymore and switches to NPR. But that’s just me.

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Is it just me?

The New Hampshire Conference for Women is sponsoring: “A Women Inspiring Women Event.”

The keynote speaker and leading presenter is – wait for it – Jack Canfield!


Jeb Bush spends a week insisting to one and all that his campaign is right on track following his poor showing in the third GOP debate. Then he re-enters the race with a major new push entitled “Jeb can fix it!”


After the several GOP campaigns revolted against both the RNC and NBC, and took control of the next debate format, RNC chair Reince Priebus explains that things are going just as planned and “we’re right where we wanted to be.” Have you ever met a worse liar?

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