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Trump the Businessman – NOT!

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

Trump the Businessman – NOT!

I recall the many occasions during the Trump campaign when I sat there grinding my teeth while some uniformed individual would enthuse over Donald Trump’s vaunted reputation as a successful businessman, proclaiming without a scintilla of doubt, how The Great Man’s business acumen would save America and bring back jobs to the suffering souls in the so-called Rust Belt.

While these poor schlubs wait for the return of coal mining, along comes an extensive article by the editors of Bloomberg Businessweek—clearly a nonpartisan journal and one of America’s experts on business matters —entitled, “Would You Let This Man Run Your Company?” (May 22-28,

The piece puts politics aside and examines the President’s stewardship as chief executive from a strictly business point of view, or how a board of directors might judge him. “No president,” the article contends, “has tried to claim the mantle of CEO-in-chief as completely as Trump.”

On the matter of sharing intelligence with the Russians, for example, Bloomberg points out that “any business chief who invited a competitor into the boardroom and then disclosed sensitive information would be in peril.” The piece goes on to cite hiring inexperienced relatives to key positions, and that lying in a public statement or on a résumé can lead to dismissal.

The magazine lists four of Trump’s major problems including not getting things done, failure to build a strong team, creating conflicts of interest, and poor communications. Moreover, says Businessweek, “Trump’s record of achievement would make any compensation committee cringe.” The editors single out attempts to reform Obamacare with no idea how to replace it. Also the President’s widely touted tax reform expertise appears to be limited to a single sheet of paper. “If any chief executive has shown that to his board,” says the magazine, “the members would have assumed it was an April Fools’ Day prank.”

There’s more, of course, and the piece comes on top of numerous articles and observations—including this blog—about how Trump in his real estate career stiffed people left and right, mostly the little guys who had no resources for lawsuits. How he left investors holding the bag with bankruptcies to the point where the only funding he can get these days is from overseas banks and oligarchs who may think they see some payback down the line from a rogue president.

A companion piece in Bloomberg does get into the politics a bit more under a headline that sums things up: “Disorganized dishonesty is the hallmark of the administration’s response to accusations of misconduct.” No argument here.


Just sayin’…

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