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Are you kidding me, Professor O’Mara?

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

Are you kidding me, Professor O’Mara?

The February 6th issue of Time Magazine includes a piece by Lily Rothman offering the views of Margaret O’Mara, a professor of history at the University of Washington, Seattle. Professor O’Mara is concerned that people may be snap judging President Trump based on what happens during his first three months in office. To be fair, the piece was written before the tsunami of rage that greeted Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven Muslim countries or in his first ten days. So maybe Ms. O’Mara should check with the Attorney General in Washington on his lawsuit against the Executive Order.

To support her point, Ms. O’Mara compares Trump’s first 100 days (God knows what’s coming next), with those of FDR whose several initiatives in the face of the Depression – known as The New Deal – only began bearing fruit until later. Also, some were eventually undone by the Supreme Court. But Ms. O’Mara, Roosevelt had already served as a Senator from New York, Secretary of the Navy and Governor of New York. No mention of real estate sales. If you can’t tell the difference between FDR’s life that led to the presidency and Donald Trump’s reckless, self-serving, stomach-turning career including a two-year campaign that pissed all over everyone he touched, not to mention what he’s doing to the constitutional and moral values that built this country, then perhaps you need to return to school and study something else.

A government running on arrogance

First President Trump summarily fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, an Obama appointee, for her refusal to carry out the president’s Executive Order banning immigrants from seven Muslim countries. Arguably, a justifiable act under the circumstances. But is there no legal/administrative process for removing the head of an agency who believes he/she is acting in the best interests of his/her legal responsibilities other than immediate dismissal? More to the point was Trump’s characterization – via spokesman Sean Spicer – that Ms. Yates’ action, rather than an act of principle, was “a betrayal” of the administration defined as President Trump. Really? So Trump assumes America’s agencies serve, not the American people, but him personally. Typical of the arrogance Trump has shown in virtually everything he’s done since announcing his candidacy.

Then National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, in putting Iran “on notice” – which no one seems able or willing to define – in response to that country’s testing of an ICBM in violation of UN sanctions, comments that they undertook their action, “instead of being thankful” to the United States, presumably for our largesse in lifting sanctions as part of the Iran Agreement. Really, General? “Thankful” they agreed to destroy all their centrifuges capable of producing nuclear material in return for lifting various sanctions and getting their own $50 billion back? And how about the other nations who were part of the deal. Should they be thankful to them, too or just you?

The growing animus being directed at Iran is beginning to smell a lot like the Bush/Cheney run-up to Iraq.

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Just sayin’…

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