George Duncan

Marketing copywriter/consultant, author

We don’t need no stinkin’ briefings

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

In his effort to stay stupid and tend to the bigger things in life, Donnie the Dunce is declining to attend his daily intelligence briefings. But I guess if you know more about ISIS than the generals, they’re just a waste of time. Besides, he’s rich.

A briefing, for example, might have avoided his stupid phone call with the president of Taiwan, upsetting forty years of delicate diplomacy like a pig in a China shop. Does he know what he did? Does he care? Did he check with anyone before making – or accepting – the call? Has he even heard of the “One China” policy that’s sacred to that country? Is it a coincidence that he’s been exploring building a hotel in Taiwan? Did the president of Taiwan get the idea that that planned hotel might provide some leverage in her relationship with China? Might China decide it’s time to crack down on Taiwan, which we’re committed to defend?

#                                             #                                             #

Out of one side of his mouth, he attacks the Wisconsin recount, calling the whole thing a “scam,” and out of the other side of his mouth he contends that “millions of votes” were cast illegally. Huh? So which is it? Or is it just another ploy to keep him front and center in the “dishonest” media and that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

#                                             #                                             #

I love the convoluted reasoning behind his claim to have won the popular vote “in a landslide” despite Hillary’s 2 ½ million vote majority, “if we eliminate the millions of votes that were cast illegally.” Really? Then shouldn’t he want to verify the results, especially if it’s unlikely to change the outcome? Or is all this just an excuse to repeat the “I won” mantra that keeps him breathing.

Odd coincidence that the number of “illegal votes” pretty much matches Hillary’s majority. Trump’s pathological need for constant adulation must have a way of explaining away any possible question of his superiority. Thus, the NY Times is “failing,” SNL is “tired,” Hamilton is “overrated.” And so on. All of which is nothing compared to the slanderous accusations he made against most of his opponents during the campaign.

#                                             #                                             #

In fact, when I see all the Goldman Sachs and other billionaires he’s bringing into his cabinet – draining the swamp, my foot – I can’t help wondering if it’s just a way of having all these wealthiest men and women lining up to kiss his ring. He obviously doesn’t know jack about governing.

#                                             #                                             #

Where this pathology is most apparent to me is at his rallies. His body language – mostly his facial expressions – and the hysterical responses of his mob conjure up images of Julius Caesar in the Coliseum. “Hail Caesar!”  And now he’s extending those rallies beyond the campaign. More mobs yelling “lock her up,” most of whom have no idea what “privatization” means until they lose Medicare along with Obamacare, and maybe Social Security as well.

#                                             #                                             #

First he tries to claim credit for keeping a Ford plant in Kentucky from moving to Mexico, but the company announced they never planned to move the entire plant, only one of its production lines. Then he goes out to Carrier and hands them $7 million of Indiana’s citizens’ tax money (special thanks to Indiana Governor Pence) to keep 900 jobs while the rest of the jobs – 1300 – continue on down Mexico way as planned – together with another Carrier plant nearby with 1200 jobs. The art of the deal, I guess.


Just sayin’…

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