George Duncan

Marketing copywriter/consultant, author

What were they thinking?

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

That’s the question that I pondered and heard echoed throughout the Trump campaign.

Now some are asking – a bit late: Why didn’t we know what they were thinking? Joe Scarborough points accurately to the bi-coastal elitism of our media who couldn’t answer that question, mainly because they didn’t ask. Who, like me and many liberals labeled “them” as racists and bigots, angry white men who simply want to blow up a system they feel has ignored them for a generation … those masses we arrogantly dismiss as the denizens of “fly-over country.” OK, guilty. I may even read J.D. Vance’s oft touted Hillbilly Elegy and become better informed. But I also believe that anger leads to irrational solutions and there are better ways of addressing those complaints than destroying – even if only symbolically – the democratic system of government that has served us, and the world, so well for more than 200 years. I can only hope that that proves to be an overstatement.

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt made the observation that “Fascism didn’t arise in the 30s because it was strong, but because democracy was weak.” Just two days after the election, we are already seeing the attempt to normalize Mr. Trump and his policy prescriptions. Hopefully the Congress will address his policies. Let the rest of us be careful not to normalize Mr. Trump’s astonishing list of moral and intellectual deficits lest we give rise to his blatant authoritarianism.

Just sayin’…

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