George Duncan

Marketing copywriter/consultant, author

Please vote: this year it matters more than most

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

While recent polls are encouraging – assuming they hold up – equally significant, is the growing support for a Democratic Congress to replace the current Republican stonewall. Of course, the alternative becomes more intolerable almost every day offering a toxic cesspool of ignorance, bigotry, racism, misogyny, contempt for people and for the Constitution, and now criminal sexual behavior, all bound together by lies, delusional thinking, naked narcissism, and incredible threats of looming Armageddon. One alternative is to not vote, but then what are we? As heirs to the greatest and most successful experiment in self-government in the history of mankind and the model for free people in every corner of the globe, do we just sit on the fence on that one day when we are asked to affirm our faith in democracy simply by voting? Please God, let us not.

Democratic solutions are community based. Hillary Clinton has been reaching out to children (and therefore, their parents), the middle class, and working families all her political life. Her plans for the future show that she will continue to do so as president. That’s you and me. She’s committed to leveling the playing field, demanding that the wealthy pull their weight in the community that has so enriched them. She is committed to maintaining social security, Medicare, and healthcare for all. Hillary has always proven effective in reaching across the aisle, but with a Democratic Congress she can break down the road blocks that Republicans have used to stymie President Obama – and the nation. Clearly, she’ll be a steady hand on the launch codes and defense as commander-in-chief. So-called “millennials” especially hold their future in their hands. Please vote. Young or old, this year it matters more than most.

And, oh – Mr. Trump: Empujar la pared por su culo

Just sayin…

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