George Duncan

Marketing copywriter/consultant, author


From Just sayin’…by George Duncan


How much fraud do you want in The White House? You could start with the class act recently displayed in the debate with the Republican candidate mugging, smirking, head shaking and eye rolling while his opponent is speaking, rudely interrupting her 51 times. Would really show those foreign types we don’t take no crap in negotiating treaties and the rest of that junk. He strengthened that impression with repeats of his stump speech trashing “our entire government system.” He shows the American people he knows there isn’t a competent person in government from the president to the cabinet to the generals and state department professionals and so on. Now there’s a guy’s guy. As he says, he’s the one.

He’s the “successful businessman” who lives loan to loan – “other people’s money,” he brags; ducks behind the bankruptcy laws and leaves investors holding the bag. He rails against illegal immigrants and then hires them exclusively for his construction projects. How about creating a phony “university” to suck the money out of some poor schlubs who trusted him and got nothing? Or the billionaire businessman who builds multi-million dollar casinos and then stiffs the suppliers who helped build them, putting some out of business? Maybe you’d prefer the candidate who disses a heroic veteran and when he sees the reaction suddenly loves veterans. Or who trashes women and when it bounces back at him suddenly “cherishes” women (not so close, please). The exception is when he attacked a former Miss Universe bimbo who “disgustingly” appeared in a Playboy video that also featured – ready? – him! Maybe elect the billionaire who promised a contribution to the 9/11 fund – and then waited 15 years, until he was a candidate, to send it.

I know! You prefer the boffo fraud of them all, suggesting the President of the United States is not an American citizen. Despite being debunked six ways from Sunday, including the president producing is birth certificate, he played for a full five years. David Duke and all those cool white supremacists loved it. In fact, the New York Times (I know, it’s a failed newspaper, but what the hell) published a list of 31 falsehoods, exaggerations and outright lies from a single six days of his campaign.

If you’re foreign policy minded, you might like the guy who wants to reverse fifty years of nuclear non-proliferation treaties and threaten the whole damn world– including us. Or who cozies up to Putin and thinks both Putin and Saddam are/were great leaders. He doesn’t care how NATO contributes to our national security. How it projects American power around the world – but so what, it costs money. Like his tax money as if he ever paid any. No, he himself hasn’t led anything, never built a national budget, never was elected to anything, never had to vote on critical legislation, never had to make a military decision, I mean he’s clean.

He’s about the best phony we have right now so be sure to vote.

Just sayin’…

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