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What do we have to lose? How about 10 million jobs!

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

What do we have to lose? How about 10 million jobs!

Donald Trump, unable to come up with anything positive to offer, in his most pandering, posturing and patronizing speech to date, asks the African American community “What the hell do you have to lose?” in electing him president. Only one of the most significant aspects of growth—jobs, that’s what.

Hillary Clinton’s recently announced economic plan touched many bases from increasing middle class incomes and making college more affordable to expanding childcare and combatting terrorism. Most importantly, it features a detailed “100-day job plan” that provides for an investment of more than $27 billion annually—the most far-reaching infrastructure plan since World War II.

In addition, a tax credit for companies offering profit-sharing plans and a $12 minimum wage will boost incomes all across the income spectrum. She’ll also promote jobs with an innovative “exit tax” to discourage companies from moving offshore.

In contrast, according to The New York Times editorial board, Donald Trump’s “multi-trillion-dollar income tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy would preclude such investments.”

In an independent comparison by a Moody’s economist, Hillary’s jobs plan is projected to create more than 10 million jobs, while Trump’s policy would cost the economy 3.5 million jobs. Hillary Clinton’s plan, says the NYT, “…is a good one. It is largely paid for.… And compared to Trump’s plan, which has few details, it is specific enough that the everyday Americans she has pledged to help can actually hold her accountable for what she has promised.” And, in my view also unlike Trump, she has the smarts to create the plan and the grit and experience to push it through. See for yourself. It’s available at

Just sayin’…

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