George Duncan

Marketing copywriter/consultant, author

Thank you, Donald Trump

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

Thank you, Donald Trump

Thank you, Donald Trump, for your near daily assault on American values. You have encouraged us to reclaim our ownership of the principles of liberal democracy and human decency that have empowered America’s exceptionalism for 240 years and make us an example of freedom and the model of democracy for the world.

Thank you for your stunning ignorance of world affairs and especially your cavalier attitude toward NATO and your reckless plan for the proliferation of nuclear weapons. You have drawn our attention to the importance of America’s relationships with the nations of the world and the years of hard work Secretary Clinton and others have dedicated to maintaining and strengthening it.

Thank you for your mindless disparagement of America’s military. It has helped to rekindle national pride in our military as the finest in the world and especially to renew our respect for the sacrifices of our veterans and Gold Star families.

Thank you for your bare faced racism and bigotry, reminding us that we are a nation of immigrants – e pluribus unum – of all colors and religions and that in that diversity lies America’s greatest strength.

Thank you for your disgusting and demeaning statements to and about women. They help us to renew our respect for women and the increasingly significant role they are playing in the life of our nation up to and including the presidency of the United States.

Thank you for your unremitting barrage of insults, lies and ad hominem attacks on anyone whose comments are even the slightest bit critical, for they show you for the obnoxious schoolyard bully you are and make us stronger together in our determination that you never defile the office of the presidency.

Finally, underlying it all, thank you for your nauseating narcissism, drawing attention to yourself with every syllable you utter and driving stupid statements like “I alone can fix this.” Like the countless business people you have cheated, the fraudulent businesses you have created and the companies you have bankrupted, you can’t do even what you claim to have done.

Just so you understand.

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