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Is there any limit to Donald Trump’s need for self-adulation?

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

Is there any limit to Donald Trump’s need for self-adulation?

Amid all the furor around the incident in which the reporter Michelle Fields brought a charge of battery against Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, one little aspect got under my skin. Of course whenever Mr. Trump opens his mouth for that matter, I want to throw up, but this was an interesting little sidelight. It involves Trump’s statement with regard to the tape that appears to show Mr. Lewandowski indeed coming up behind Mr. Trump, reaching around him and grabbing Ms. Field’s arm, pulling her back and away from Trump. In each mention of the tape, Trump found it necessary to emphasize repeatedly that it was his tape, i.e., a tape from the cameras covering the room in Trump’s upscale (what else) resort because he’s rich, you see, and has the very best cameras and the very best tapes covering the very best floor in the very best room in all Christendom!

It’s just another example, albeit a hidden one, how Trump’s self-aggrandizement inhabits his every moment and oozes from his very pores with every thought. Frank Bruni wrote in The New York Times recently of Trump’s “Hunger for adulation. It’s bottomless, topless, endless, insatiable,” he said. Next time Trump is speaking, listen for it. But keep a bucket handy. And while you’re at it, consider a more substantive aspect of Trump’s candidacy…

No there there

With apologies to Gertrude Stein and to confuse Word’s spellcheck, Donald Trump has finally made crystal clear the suspicion many have had, that there’s no there there. The king has no clothes. Choose your metaphor, it adds up the simple fact that the man is ignorant. His most recent statements around arming Japan and South Korea with nukes – ironically while President Obama was conducting a conference on preventing nuclear proliferation – shows, as the President said, that Trump understands nothing about foreign policy, nuclear policy, the Korean Peninsula or the world at large.

More significant, however, is the fact that he would offer such catastrophic prescriptions straight out of his head, clearly with no input from anyone. Of course, the amazing Donald would have his own brain to consult – he’s a New Yorker, isn’t he? And a billionaire to boot – both breeding grounds for Trump’s toxic narcissism. I include his New York roots, which Ted Cruz referred to as “New York Style” because there’s a measure of truth in that characterization. I was born and raised in New York, went to college there and worked there for fifteen years. I know what Cruz meant. It’s a subconscious arrogance that afflicts some New Yorkers. An “if you can make it there you can make it anywhere” attitude that, in Trump’s case says, “Don’t bother me with political correctness, I’m above that crap…and get the hell out of my way.” Add Trump’s billions (sometimes referred to as F-you money) and you have a megalomaniac running mostly on pure ego.


Just sayin’…

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