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Great businessman, my foot!

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

Great businessman, my foot!

If you’re one of those poor, deluded souls still clinging to the raft of lies, hyperbole and fantasy that is Donald Trump in the belief that he is a great and successful businessman, an article in the February-March issue of Businessweek may set you free.  Let me cut to the chase and quote the piece’s “Bottom Line” first:

Trump claims he’s profited on deals abroad, even where he’s shown losses on paper or where projects have run into trouble.

The article itself is shot through with examples of deals gone sour, significant losses and lawsuits flying back and forth, all alibied, of course, by Trump’s lame excuses. Remember the much touted financial disclosures he keeps referring to when asked where his damn taxes are? Trump maintains that they are based on “projected future income” from his golf courses. Oh.

A statement from the non-profit watchdog Campaign Legal Center points out that the disclosures are supposed to list current income, not his hopes for tomorrow. Trump brushes all that aside with his usual penetrating analysis, “I’ve done very well internationally.” Well, that cinches it. Maybe his ear piece was faulty.

Speaking of which, you’ve likely seen or heard of Trump’s reply to a question about white supremacist’s support and that of David Duke, past Grand Wizard of the KKK. Trump replied he doesn’t know anything about David Duke. That leads to one of two conclusions: it’s either a boldface lie, or, if we give him the benefit of the doubt, he’s too stupid to qualify for the Presidency of the United States. Of course, it’s both. But that’s how it goes with Trumpydump. His supporters don’t give a damn what he says, or how much of a fraud he is. He “tells it like it is,” after all, and that’s all that matters.

I recently described Trump as the rock today’s disaffected working class is throwing at the government. After further consideration, I think it’s more like a middle finger.


Just sayin’…


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