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Poetic Justice – at last!

From Just sayin’…by George Duncan

Poetic Justice – at last!

It’s been reported that two anti-abortion activists that staged a phony video purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials trying to sell fetal tissue have themselves been indicted on various felony charges connected with the scam. The Houston Grand Jury also cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing. Apparently, the guilty couple were too stupid to pull it off effectively, a not surprising result when people try to create a reality where it actually doesn’t exist. Justice may be blind, but she isn’t stupid.

The scheme is typical of conservatives’ approach to any program or policy with which they do not agree. Rather than deal with it on its own merits, it – or he or she – must be totally destroyed. In the case of Planned Parenthood that means taking away affordable healthcare from millions of women – many in rural areas where there are few options. Indeed, conservative state legislators and governors have been clipping away for years at PP, limiting access and forcing clinic closures whenever a sympathetic conservative judge lets them get away with it with some tortured interpretation of Roe v. Wade.

Let’s face it, no one takes abortion lightly. I’ve known women who had abortions and I can tell you that in every case it was a devastating experience, however necessary they viewed it, both for their own lives and for the quality of life of a potential child. My observation is that none of these women saw their event as a “killing a baby,” either. To them, the fetus is just that; a fetus. Not a person as the anti-abortion militants would have it.

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The politics of destruction

Ever since President Obama was elected, the conservatives in Congress have sworn to oppose anything and everything he might propose, especially if it shows any signs of success. That policy is being played out now in the current campaign as Republicans promise to undo eight years of the policies Obama managed to achieve in spite of them. Not to propose a better health care system, but to merely destroy the ACA. (Trump’s health plan: “we’ll work with doctors.” Better than carpenters, I guess.) Not to improve the agreement with Iran – as if the U.S. were the only signatory to that substantial document – but to trash it. (Trump keeps repeating the lie that the $500B is U.S. taxpayers’ money. It isn’t. It’s Iran’s money that was frozen.) Not to find ways to mitigate global warming, but to debunk it. And so on. Don’t even try to govern. Just destroy what’s there and turn the nation into a corporate oligarchy.

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The politics of bigotry

It’s no coincidence that the women most affected by the conservatives’ war on Planned Parenthood are primarily women of color living in remote rural areas. Women lacking health insurance or even the resources to attend a hospital. Women who often vote Democratic. Similarly with the people of Flint, Michigan who are being poisoned by a Republican Governor too ideologically frozen to do what’s right and pull out those poisonous pipes. Flint is mostly a black city. Add to that the myriad attempts to reduce voting opportunities for black populations in many conservatively run states and you have a racist Republican attack on the very essence of our democratic system. Anyone know of a single accomplishment for the American people created by the Republicans? Neither do I.


Just sayin’…



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