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Driving kids’ behavior?

From Watch Your Ads – A media memo by George Duncan

Driving kids’ behavior?

Parents with unruly kids need look no further than the car they drive. That’s the implication of a VW Passat TDI ad that shows a woman stopped at a convenience store pump filling her tank while her kids are inside trashing the place. Meantime, Mrs. Right cruises by in a VW Passat TDI. Her kids are perfectly behaved in the back seat because, you see, the TDI runs on diesel and she doesn’t need to stop for gas. Really? The background music is “Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” sung by Waylon Jennings.  I’ve always liked that tune but VW Passat as behavior modification? Please.

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MAACO makes me sick

MAACO’s ad shows a kid with a junker arriving to pick up his date. She takes one look at the randomly painted vehicle and instead of simply declining to get in the car, she pretends to start throwing up at its very sight. Move on, kid, she’s going to hate the air mattress in the trunk. Talk about negative advertising!

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Lions and Tigers Oy-veh!

The James Patterson book machine is morphing into a TV series. It’s called Zoo, The Animals Awaken, apparently and in it, the animals kill us all. Thanks for the warning, James. Is it ISIS that has so many people reaching for the recent plethora of doomsday/horror/apocalyptic films?

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Worked for them, maybe not for you

Lipozene is a widely advertised weight loss remedy promising, it would seem at first glance, amazing results in dropping the poundage. But wait; what’s that fine print? “Results not typical.” And another caveat is that average weight loss is just 4.93 pounds compared to placebo.

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You can’t be serious

I cringe every time I see that ad by John McEnroe – considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time with seven singles and nine doubles Grand Slam titles – hawking a toenail fungus product. Really, John? Toenail fungus?

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The Honorable Ted Cruz

Back when New York and New Jersey were drowning under Hurricane Sandy, The Honorable Ted Cruz told them to go swim for any “socialist” financial assistance from the government. Now that Texas is under water, however, suddenly federal assistance is critical. The Honorable Ted Cruz.

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