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What happened to Nov, Dec & Jan?

From Watch Your Ads – A media memo by George Duncan

What happened to Nov, Dec & Jan?

Well, I’ll tell you. A collapsed lung happened with lots of surgery and rehab, which is still going on.

But enough about me.

Happy 2015. We’ll pick up sort of where we left off. I say sort of, because I’ve decided, since no one is reading this, no one will object to injecting my 2c on occasional political and semi-political observations. You may have heard the rumor: life is short.

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Nice raccoonie, nice raccoonie

Have you noticed that Pearl Vision has added another brief scene to its ad showing a woman welcoming a raccoon into her bedroom, thinking it’s a cat? (Poor eyesight, see?) I’ll bet they heard from alarmed viewers because the ad now includes a shot of the raccoon on the bed sleeping peacefully – like a cat.

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Fraud? Frog? Forgedaboudit!

Sorry, but to my ear, those two guys in the Discover ad are definitely NOT on the same page. One is saying “fraud” and the other is saying “frog” until the Discover guy decides “we’re totally on the same page.” Not on this page, they’re not. (Re-deep)

#                                             #                                             #

So which is it, TD Ameritrade?

This may also be my aging ears, but TD Ameritrade has an ad encouraging a young woman to invest, calling her “Sheila!” Like wake up, sweetie, here’s what you should be doing with your money. The voice directs her attention – and ours – to a trophy nearby featuring the figure of a female soccer player doing what I think is called a bicycle kick. Give it a good shot like that, the TD voice suggests, but adds, oddly, “Whatever Janet!” So which is it, TD Ameritrade, Sheila? Or Janet? Whatever?

#                                             #                                             #

Green lipstick? Really? What’s up with that?

You may have seen President Obama’s interview with three young YouTubers, one of whom sported green lipstick. I was amused as several otherwise savvy commentators were puzzling over the green lipstick. Huh? Why green? Some special meaning? Well, here’s a clue: the woman’s name, boys and girls, followed by millions on YouTube, is GloZell GREEN!  Got it?

#                                             #                                             #

Let’s get it together, guys!

One of the constant bugaboos on TV lately is the loss of continuity. Networks used to have continuity people – and policies – that kept competing ads decently separated, for example, and for assuring reasonable space between ads. Not any more, it seems. Now a guy about to blow out candles on a cake in one ad winds up blowing on the hood of a Lexus sport sedan zipping through the next ad.  Yikes!

#                                             #                                             #

My 2c:

Whenever the discussion turns to matters of the growing inequality between the middle class and the wealthy, I’m reminded of the old poker adage: never play poker with a guy who has more money than you. He’ll clean your clock every time.

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Look east, old men

As hopeful conservative candidates gather in Iowa and elsewhere, touting staunchly Christian values as solutions to the nation’s ills, I check again on the Founding Fathers’ intentional exclusion of religion in government. These men were highly religious in their personal lives, yet they were wise enough to see the dangers of mixing religion with politics. Anyone who wants a current example of how that works drawn to its logical extreme, need only look east to ISIS and Sharia Law.

#                                             #                                             #

Hands up, don’t shoot

I was stunned this week to see the African-American mug shots being used by the North Miami Beach Police Department as target practice for their sniper trainees. Imagine the shock of a woman, while at a local shooting range, spotting the face of her brother, one of total of six faces –all Afro-American – hanging as a target and riddled with bullets.

Bad enough on the face of it, so to speak, but another realization is that this is for training snipers, not shoot from the hip cowboys! Guys who are supposed to be expert shots like Lee Child’s fictional Jack Reacher or Chris Kyle, the hero of the hit film, American Sniper – and all these cops train for is to put a bullet, not in the much larger target area of the body, let alone a shoulder or leg, which shouldn’t be difficult for a trained sniper, but in the head!

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Thanks to those who have returned to the blog – all two of you – and keep clickin’

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