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There they go again!

From Watch Your Ads – A media memo by George Duncan

There they go again!

No sooner had I hit send on the June blog, which included a hit on DirecTV for their ludicrous ad featuring puppets, then up pops the latest version which has the added distinction of being hugely disrespectful of women. (Don’t women watch TV?) This beauty has the guy’s puppet young blond “wife” – if that’s what she is – appearing in the bedroom in a robe. She asks hubby, does he still find her attractive? (Not does he love her, mind you, but is she still attractive.) He says, sure, why do you ask, and she complains about his continuing attention to the wires that DirecTV eliminates so that you can hang the damn thing on a wall without those unsightly wires and boxes. OK so far. But then, she strips off the robe revealing a sexy (for a puppet) red slip and says, how do you like this? And (striking a pose) how about this? And (striking another pose), etc. Yuck!

Aside from being a stupid overreach attempt to dramatize the wires business (is that really the primary benefit of DirecTV?), it demeans women. What’s more, it demeans women in a very public space and in an almost incidental manner, thus presenting the abuse of women as an ordinary, generally accepted value. It’s this kind of thing that draws a line from the TV ads we see every day direct to Supreme Court decisions like Hobby Lobby which, whatever its religious aims may be, was made with no regard for women’s needs for critical healthcare. It also helps to empower state legislatures to circumvent the constitutional guarantees of Roe v. Wade with egregious laws limiting women’s (and their male partners, let’s not forget) access to reproductive rights. Yes, it’s just a TV ad, but it’s also part of the media landscape and we need to pay attention. If you’d like to register your opinion with DirecTV, you can reach them on their web site, or call their ad contact (this a sales line, but it’s the right department) at 1-888-283-3776.

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Add two more insults

Then, along come ads for PayDay and Cinnamon Bun. More yuck. PayDay shows you an erect candy bar, with the nether region pixelated, no less, and the tag lines, “Too hot for TV,” and – ready? – “Expose yourself” to PayDay. No, thanks.

Carl’s Jr. restaurants – if that’s what they are – together with another top name I didn’t catch, feature a Cinnamon Bun ad with the tag line, “Pull one off.”  The bun comes with sections that can be pulled off, see? Then some wag says, “I pulled one off in the car.” Another guy tell us he “pulled one off” at his desk. Good old classy Carl’s Jr.

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Don’t despair, Xfinity is here!

If you’re one of those long suffering slobs that can only record and save 12 TV shows at one time with FIOS Quantum TV, , buck up! Here comes Xfinity’s X-1 OS that will allow you to save and record 15 shows at once, you lucky dog!

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It’s pronounced Gor-don!

Lest all be lost this month, two bits I like are the Sprint ad with a creature who is horning in on the Sprint Framily (spell check kept correcting it) Plan until he discovers that the usage is billed separately.  His name is pronounced “Gor-Don” he announces. He’s precious.

Another neat ad is AARP’s Italian man dancing at a wedding (I think). I love the way he moves to the music and especially when he throws his head to the right and follows around with his body. He’s having fun.

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You have fun, too this August – but will I see you in September?

Meantime, keep clickin’


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One thought on “There they go again!

  1. I agree the invest commercials are the most annoying in many years of tv ads

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