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From Watch Your Ads – A media memo by George Duncan

Hey GEICO! The Pinocchio thing sucks! (The other spots are pretty good. Gecko rules!)

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Consultants Need a Consultant

McGladrey is a management consulting firm that wants to show how well they serve clients’ needs.

So they show a caddy giving his golf pro (i.e. boss for the day) a lot of crap because he’s too lazy to do the job. Don’t worry, McGladrey, no one is going to associate the example of lousy service with you guys in the 3 seconds they have to absorb the message, right? They’ll stop what they’re doing and figure out that you’re offering an example in reverse, right? Sure they will. (Pssst, McGladrey! Negative ads don’t sell. Try positive imagery. My bill is in the mail.)

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Don’t Be Too Good, Either!

On the other side of the coin is Toyota’s Super Bowl ad for the Highlander. It’s full of Muppets! I love the Muppets! Oh, look, they’re so cool, so colorful! Ha – Ha, they’re laughing and singing and…for who again?  (Psst, Toyota! Don’t let the gimmick dominate the message. My bill is in the mail.)

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Hope the Place Never Catches Fire

In a Kayak ad, a guy “commandeers” grandma’s stair lift, blithely riding it up the stairway while he does his search for a hotel because “can’t afford to waste a second.” Meanwhile, Granny is humping slowly up the stairs one at a time like she started yesterday. Jeez, I hope the place never catches fire.

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Forget the Pearly Gates

Looking for happiness? Skip St. Peter, the Good Book, your shrink, the self-help shelf at the bookstore and all that jazz. According to their ad, all we need to do to find happiness is pop a Coke.

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I Yam What I Yam and That’s All What I Yam

Can’t figure out how Popeye came to be in the fried chicken game. What happened to his good old signature spinach? And his buddy Wimpy’s hamburgers? Chicken? Really?

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I’d comment on the Quicken Loans ad with Abe and George and Ben, but I can’t figure it out.

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The Moron Brigade

I see Dish is sticking with that brigade of morons they feature in their ads. I keep wondering who they’re supposed to represent. Dish customers? Yikes. That would be pretty insulting, wouldn’t it? So it can’t be that…can it?

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Talk to me, Henry

If Henry Winkler wags his finger in my face one more time in that One Reverse Mortgage ad (a Quicken company), I’ll break it off. And stop talking down to old folks, Henry!

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The Manly Men Are Back

I’ve commented before on the new emphasis on manliness by a plethora of products from Viagra – “the age of knowing what you’re made of” – to Barbasol shave cream – “Shave like a man” to Shaq telling us to “man up with Gold Bond.” And then there’s that guy running around nude singing –

Boots and pants, boots and pants, boots and pants…

Keep clickin’

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One thought on “Hey GEICO!

  1. George Philbert on said:

    Pinocchio commercial sucked so badly I had to write them a scathing email. I am so sick of see crap like that. It just sucked in too many ways.

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