George Duncan

Marketing copywriter/consultant, author

Watch your ads – and more

A media memo by George Duncan

A veteran  marketing copywriter and consultant takes an irreverent look at today’s TV ads, spiced with occasional comments on more substantive current news and events.

Except for a few TV and radio spots, most of my fifty years in marketing were devoted to crafting print ads, direct response and collateral materials. Nonetheless, marketing has a life of its own and once inculcated in the promises, benefits, attention and persuasion techniques of marketing, it’s hard to turn it off.  Like the proofreader I once knew who complained he was unable to read an ordinary newspaper.

So like you, I suffer though the myriad ads on TV as they punctuate (or just puncture) the programming. But perhaps unlike you, a little voice in the back of my head is frequently yelling “Yikes!” or “OMG! Who thought up this dreck?” This blog, Watch Your Ads, is my way of hitting back at the Madmen crowd and occasionally the producers. Join me. It’s fun (for me, at least).

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2 thoughts on “Watch your ads – and more

  1. Alison on said:

    You’re on fire with this thing.

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